Our Services

Highway emergencies, HAZMAT incidents, Railway emergencies, Water spills, and Training. Whatever your needs, Ram Response can respond, assess, and mitigate the incident.

Respond, Assess, Clean Up

From a small fuel spill to a large release of bulk hazardous materials, Ram’s professional team of responders can mitigate or minimize the impacts of a release.

Area Assessment

Upon arrival our team will note all impacted areas, buildings, and product migration risks.

Product Assessment

We will identify, assess, and manage any products that may be involved in the incident

Contain & Confine

Our team will immediately work to contain and confine all risks present in an incident.

Highway Emergency Services

Product identification & technical advice

Product containment/confinement and mitigation. Class 2-9 & non DG-rated

Air monitoring & sampling

Product transfers: flammable liquids, dry bulk, corrosives, pressurized. Class 2-9 & non DG-rated

Motor vehicle incidents

Roadway cleanup

Client & Agency updates

Transformer cleanup

Grounding & bonding

Liaise between regulators and clients to ensure compliance and efficiency

Hazmat Services

Hazard assessment

Air monitoring & sampling


Containment & confinement


DG/drug/paraphernalia Sweep

Hazmat disposal


  • Illegal drug lab investigation support
  • Acid spills/corrosive spills
  • Storage facility spills/cleanup
  • Highway: cargo, truck, spill/release (bulk)
  • Ammonia release: initial assessment, investigation support, cleanup
  • Flammable liquid spills
  • Transformer cleanup
  • Class 2-9

Railway Emergency Services

Incident Command

Product specific transfers & cleanup

Waterway Emergency Services

Spills & Releases

Boat operations

Boom deployment & containment

Skimming and cleanup

Training Services

Spill Response Training Programs

Training Exercises

Company-specific custom programs

We are here to help

Connect with us to find out how we can help you best prepare for, and respond to, a crisis.

dedicated incident manager

Every client has their own dedicated Incident Manager to ensure clear communication during incidents.

prevention first

Our expert team won't just respond to a crisis, we identify opportunities to avoid them altogether.

Consistent Updates

We will always ensure that you're up to date and constantly informed during any crisis.